2014 CONF  WFEO in association with The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) holds The World Engineering Conference 2014 on Sustainable Infrastructure (WECSI 2014) at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria on November 2-7, 2014.

Theme: Development of Sustainable Infrastructure in Africa

Background and Rationale

The critical relationship that exists between sustainable socio-economic development and the quantity & quality of infrastructural facilities available to any community or nation is not in doubt. Indeed, investment in basic infrastructure has been identified as one of the three key factors which has contributed to the rapid economic transformation of developed and emerging economies. This is in addition to investment in knowledge and innovation generation and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Such investments have served as foundations for domestic technological learning and also by acting as centres of diffusion of skills into the rest of society. According to Juma (2006), "Infrastructure is broadly defined as the facilities, structures and associated equipment and services that facilitate the flow of goods and services among individuals, firms and governments. Conventional infrastructure includes:

  • public utilities, such as energy or power, telecommunications, water supply, sanitation & sewerage, and waste disposal;
  • public works, such as irrigation systems, schools, housing and hospitals;
  • transport sectors, such as roads, railways, sea ports, waterways and airports; and
  • research facilities, such as laboratories and related equipment.
  • Infrastructure services include the provision, operation, and maintenance of the physical facilities of the infrastructure".

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